Ona Joan

        01 Còdol
        02 Changing textures        
        03 Panoptic Eye
        04 Anarchic recycling
        05 The invasion of dates
        06 Sip-it


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Panoptic Eye

            Panoptic Eye is a speculative mask inspired by Foucault concept of panoptic eye architecture and how technology is changing the identity of our faces. The mask is conceived as a facial prosthesis that the digital era offers. Indeed, its modular structure is designed according to the face mold.                       
           Looking for an exaggeration of the panoptic model, the eye is transformed into a center of control by using the angular movements of the pieces, enabling it to observe its surroundings by making the minimum effort. 
BCN / 2018
Tags:  Material experimentation, Product design, Speculative prosthesis

Out of Metrics Workshop: by Collec x studio, Mazda Space & FAD 

Photography by: Naïma

Facial mold made in order to prototype the panoptic mask
Exploring material’s reflection and its artistic possibilites