Ona Joan

        01 Còdol
        02 Changing textures        
        03 Panoptic Eye
        04 Anarchic recycling
        05 The invasion of dates
        06 Sip-it


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           Còdol is a space divider for groups that takes into account the contrast between empty and full spaces. Discretely, it manages to create a sensation of shelter without visually contaminating the enviroment thanks to its structure, surrounded by moveable panels with sound insulation and softness.

BCN-MLN / 2018
Tags: Speculative design, Product design, Isolation design

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Project Owners: Andreu Buqueras, Aina Facchi, Llibert Ferrer, Ona Joan, Anna Urretavizcaya 

Art Direction: Marta Pardina, Marina Vidal

          Privacy is a very broad and subjective concept. We have wanted to focus on two decisive aspects to convey this sensation: the first, is the need to personalize the object in order to create a product suited to the interests of every culture, individual or environment.
          The second, is that acceptance of privacy is something natural and present in our everyday lives. Privacy can’t be imposed, but it can be reinforced.