Ona Joan

        01 Còdol
        02 Changing textures        
        03 Panoptic Eye
        04 Anarchic recycling
        05 La invasión de las fechas 
        06 Sip-it


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Changing Textures

            Is Matter a learning tool? This project consists of 70 textures coming from different organic materials made by the daily manipulation of home waste matter.The experimental research has been developed considering the kitchen as a Material’s Laboratory Space.
            Each sample is made with a specific intention; from developing a monomaterial with fruit peel to mixing different waste textures.            

BCN / 2019
Tags: Material research, Product design, Experimentation, Biomaterials

Collaboration with: Mar Ribot Manso 

Different crafts process using leftovers

Coffee base recipies
Skin colour material based on chickpeas leftover

Exploring textures with paper crafts made by mixt of tea and packaging leftovers

Exploring different conglomerate densities by eggs shell
Gaudi’s interpretation made by shell and gelatine.

Visual interpretation of how the meaning of home space changed due to the practice of plastic cooking in the kitchen.